Sunday, September 18, 2011

UPDATE:Stacy McCain Weighs In On Disgusting Silence From Feminists On McGinniss's Palin Book

UPDATE:Stacy McCain at The Other McCain weighs in on the feminists
As if to underscore the brilliant analysis of the media's craven, sycophantic submission to Barack Obama by 
Rex Murphy, which would bring a blush of shame to a Journo-lists cheek (if he had any) there is utter silence by feminists about McGiniss's Palin hatchet job.

It is beyond doubt that if a Kitty Kelly type had published such a disgusting, uncorroborated scandal "book' the howls of outrage, the charges of racism from women across the feminists/liberal media would be deafening.

If a world champion athlete who was white said that Michelle Obama wants to give Rick Perry a blow job, like Tyson said about Palin in respect of President Obama, then the athlete would be ground to dust and might expect a knock on the door.

But with Palin, anything and everything can be said no matter how disgusting, irrelevant to the current political discourse, no matter how long ago in the distant past the 'event' was supposed to have happened. 

The liberal media even tries to justify McGiniss's book on the basis of Palin's supposed hypocrisy regarding moral values. As if one could be held accountable for views held (if they were) at the age of 24 when one was 44. If that were the case the President Obama's cocaine habit would be due for dusting off.

McGinniss is trying to make a buck of course, that he is doing it off the reputation of someone else is bad enough. But for the feminists crowd, where is Gail Collins or Maureen Dowd or NOW? Where are howls of outrage from Blacks. especially Black feminists at the casting of Black men as over sexed stereotypes which white women have to have "as a rite of passage"

Apart from removing one more spurious liberal/Dem charge against Palin, that she is racist, (which was ridiculous in the first place a she is married to a part native American) the left and feminists are digging their own graves. Each passing day sees their craven support of Obama, at the expense of their own reputations, chip away at whatever remaining shred of credibility they may have.

The time has come when used car salesman and journalist are locked in at the bottom of professions that are least respected, most joked about, and an embarrassment to the holder of that dubious job title.

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