Thursday, September 8, 2011

Piers Morgan's Dem Love Fest: NYTimes Lib Thomas Friedman"I Agree With Your Every Word"

"Including the, it, and and" said the lib commentator  to Piers Morgan at the end of a trifecta of liberals on Morgan's show. 

Dennis Kucinich and union boss Richard Trumka (who glossed over his union colleagues call to "take out " the Tea Party) trotted out the big government, big spending, deficits don't matter, build the infrastructure remedy.

That this has failed over and over as a "sugar fix" as economists call it, and that the Obama administrations massive deficit spending has seen the unemployment figures get worse-especially amongst his core constituency-seems not to penetrate the heads of these liberals.

The love-fest was appalling-"yes I agree" and "I agree with you completely" went back and forth with no attempt in the slightest to have a genuine balanced discussion. 

The only criticism of President Obama was that he hadn't been tough enough against the Republicans, who were castigated at every turn-as if the Dem's didn't have the presidency and complete control of congress for as long as they needed to enact legislation to show their competence to govern.

This is just the start of the political season and if Morgan is going to show his leftists colors so early, and so vehemently, then there should be a notice at the start of each program that what follows is an advertisement for the Democratic Party-that is if Morgan is still on air much longer.

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