Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perhaps It's Best If Obama Is Re-elected If Palin Doesn't Run

For what it is worth, I've made my preference known, I will write in Palin if she doesn't run.

 By the way, as opposed to the latest MSM meme, if she doesn't run I won't feel "disappointed/taken for a ride/led up the garden path/ consider myself a sucker or"deranged"/ or having lived in a fantasy world or, a favorite of  Palin obsessed Mataconis "buying into a charade."

On the contrary, if Palin does not run I will be filled with admiration for a person who suffered three years of unprecedented hate from all quarters and stood strong whilst enunciating principles that have changed the political framework. 

The haters and the Mataconis's just don't get it, it is possible to support a person with tremendous energy, accept they are human and have faults and, whilst regretting a decision not to run,if that happens, accepting it as a positive character trait.

If she doesn't run (and even if she endorses someone) I will still write in her name. If enough people do that as well and the result is that, in a close election President Obama is re-elected then there are positives to that outcome which I welcome.

When Salvador Allende was overthrown in an engineered coup a prescient American businessman said that one of the most unfortunate things about his removal by force was "that it muddied the waters". If Allende was allowed to face the voters and was defeated it would have proven, he said, once and for all that socialism, even the 'socialism with a human face" the "historic compromise" doesn't work.

What the coup did was to create a myth, and give an excuse to the left for the failure of Allende's economy. That the economy was in collapse at the end was certainly due in part to the engineered strikes, but also due to the inflationary environment. 

So too with the Obama administration. If he is defeated by a Perry or Romney and the economy continues on its downward trajectory or stagnates, then there is room for the waters to be muddied. The left apologists, and Obama himself could say "I inherited a mess and four years was not enough to turn things round." 

Thus, when the Perry/Romney RINO/Beltway administration starts to become unpopular, after a brief flurry of popularity, as all newly elected "hope and change" administrations get, then the left will come out of their shell and call for a big spending government and the whole cycle will repeat itself.

If however Obama is re-elected then there will be no excuses with any credibility. If three years into his second term the economy is still in the tank then the country will be ready for the Palin prescription of small government, low taxes, and letting the market do its work with a bonus  of a regenerated ethical and spiritual ethos coming from the top.

Four more years of what we have now, from either an Obama or RINO, more of the same, administration may be a bitter pill to swallow but it might just be the pill that does the cure. On the other hand the whole scenario could be avoided if Palin ran and won, and commenced her administration with a supportive congress and a public hungry for real change. 

Letting the market do its job unimpeded by government (even if there is a bitter pill to be taken to get that under way) is the realistic hope and change, and if it needs to be brought about by a dramatic election win for Palin, or four years in the economic doldrums then so be it.

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