Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama Has Contributed Something-A New Word "Solyndraism" (Def; Crony Capitalism)

If for nothing else, and quite possibly nothing else, the Obama administration will be notable for adding a new word to the English language.


This new noun is defined as; "Crony capitalism" and "wasting taxpayers money by government picking winners" and has entered common usage and the Thesaurus where it sits under  "Crony"



a person frequently seen in the company of another:  cronies were also closely questioned about the illegal gambling operation>
Synonyms cohort
Related Words;  Solyandraism,  accomplicecollaborator,confederate,  confidant,familiarfriend,  hanger-onleechparasite 
Related Words  cohort,abettor (also abetter), accompliceallycollaborator,confederatepalbenefactor,

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