Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jonathan Tobin At Commentary 09/07 "Perry Set Up To Win Nomination/GOP Race A Snore.Pundits Know Zip

Not that I am any better with my predictions and I am not singling out Mr. Tobin for his apparent lack of skill (or his possible wishful thinking) but this is just an example that shows that nobody should take pundits seriously.

Here's George Will advising that in January 2013 either Pawlenty or Daniels will be sworn in as president.

Tobin made his prediction (my emphasis) that the GOP race would be a snore-fest and that basically Perry had it all sewn up on September 7th at the height of media Perry mania. After the Miami straw poll the media/pundits have gone in the total opposite direction and are now musing as to whether or not Perry is finished.

The have been  in a similar chorus advising at one time that Bachmann was the new Palin, Palin was irrelevant, and latterly Palin would not enter the race. The media has its own agenda, mostly not in the best interest of the GOP, or if favorable to the GOP, acts in the interest of its paymaster in the GOP establishment.

As was shown in Miami the game has changed however and the rank and file, as exemplified by the Tea Party, are in the ascendency. If Palin enters the list forget all the "common wisdom" of the Beltway and Romney backers.The prognostication ability of Messrs. Will and Tobin are a classic example of how out of date and out of touch they are.

The GOP Race is Going to be a Snore
Jonathan S. Tobin | @tobincommentary
09.07.2011 - 10:38 PM

The big story at the Republican debate at the Reagan Library was Rick Perry’s debut on the presidential stage. The question for the GOP was whether the Texas governor who vaulted to a huge lead after entering the race last month could sustain that margin in the heat of the battle. The answer was that by the end of the evening nothing had changed. Despite constant attacks from his opponents, Perry is still way ahead and set up to win the nomination easily

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