Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pointed Palin Ponderings As Ben Smith Of Politico Writes Her Off

Some puzzling questions regarding Sarah Palin and her treatment by the media.

1. If, as Ben Smith of ultra-liberal Poltico so seemingly languorously and bored looking, advised on MSNBC that he couldn't see any way that Palin could win, should she even bother to make her speech in Iowa and travel to New Hampshire?  Rather, should she just forget about politics like a good girl as the Journolisters suggest?

2. The media are suggesting that Palin won't or shouldn't run because she "doesn't have any organization in place." Does the media not know about the "Organize4Palin" group of nationwide grass roots Palin supporters who have been building up structures across America? They do have a website after all.

3. Why is it seemingly valid to dismiss a possible Palin candidacy for purported lack of structure and money, when those politicians and pundits who are urging Christie to run (and Giuliani) don't see those persons lack of any structure, or funding, as any impediment whatsoever?

4. Why does the media say that Palin is "teasing her supporters" and dilly dallying about making an announcement, and that unless she makes one this weekend, it is all over for any hope of her having a candidacy, when Palin clearly stated she would decide by the end of September?

5. Why would a Palin declaration of candidacy in e.g. November be unacceptable and too late, but if Christie or Giuliani declared then it would be OK?

If anyone can answer these puzzling questions in the comments section I would be obliged.

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