Thursday, September 15, 2011

UPDATE;U.K.'s Respected Daily Telegraph Confirms Palin/JFK Assassination Conspiracy

UPDATE; London's Daily Telegraph confirms Palin/ JFK conspiracy story    HERE

According to sources which I am not permitted to name Sarah Palin was deeply involved in the assassination of JFK-apparently whilst high on LSD. 

The fact that Palin was born in February 1964, whilst President Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963, only goes to show her utterly deviousness and her startling ability to cover her tracks.

Nothing is beyond a woman who can have two babies at once and have, as is well documented on Palin "Trig Truther" sites, a store of alternate "Trig's" who she can substitute for the cameras at will.

Further to this sordid tale, which compliments and adds to the revelations from the McGinniss and Johnston books, Palin recently converted to being a Muslim sources say. The conversion will be revealed shortly for all to see, according to sources, as Palin will only appear in public in full Burqua in future. 

Here is an exclusive first photograph of Palin (center) in her burqua with two of her top aids.

What the slew of anti-Palin books and films prove is that Palin is racist, and at the same time married to a native American. She is "uncomfortable around colored people" yet can go to bed with them, is faithful in her long marriage, whilst having an affair with her husbands business partner.

This is only the tip of the long awaited "iceberg" and my forthcoming book will reveal all of the above information plus further, shocking  revelations. 

These will cover such topics as Palin's involvement in the cover up of the faked moon landing, the Roswell saucer conspiracy, her affair with many members of the Eisenhower administration (through spirit channelling) and much much more.

 I expect much coverage from the liberal media and substantial financial rewards as is due to this quality of journalism, for which I bow to McGinniss and cohorts for inspiration.

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