Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Doonesbury" Hits Vile Misogynist Low In Palin Attack- Where Are The Feminists?

I have been a big fan of Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" for many years and in fact have a substantial collection-dating back to my liberal years.

Trudeau has been, in  general, fair in his satire and even though a liberal has, on occasion lampooned Democrats. I can't recall any of his strips being so vile and misogynistic as to attack a female Republican on such a vile, disgusting level as he has now attacked Sarah Palin.

To disagree with Palin is one thing, to lampoon and satirize her is of course a valid aspect of political cut and thrust. However, to attack her in the way he has done today on her physical attributes is disgusting.

Palin has just delivered a long and passionate speech to a large gathering in Iowa, certainly one of the largest, if not the largest crowd a major potential candidate has attracted. 

She covered important aspects of policy and especially the "crony capitalism' aspect of Washington-which remark has received widespread positive comment "she is setting the parameters." of the debate.

Trudeau, through his nationwide Doonebury strip chose to launch an attack on Palin which ended with:

"and did you see me in Newsweek?  that article shows that as president I'd be TOTALLY ready, if  called on to fill out a tight sweater"

This is disgusting. Palin is a former Governor and vice-presidential candidate and deserves respect on that score alone. What Trudeau has done is at the level of the Palin haters who infest the blogosphere and is not worthy of what used to be an honorable satirical cartoon. Shame on him.

Shame too on NOW and the feminists who are so hypocritical as to rush to the defense of liberal women but allow this sort of trash to go unremarked on. 

How can they call themselves defenders of women when they allow a woman to be ridiculed, as a woman, not for policies? The question answers itself sadly.

UPDATE; Noel Sheppard (no relation) has similar thoughts and a copy of the strip at Newsbusters AT THIS LINK

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