Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Palin's Legacy; Exposing the Rotten Soul of The "Progressive" Left

As it becomes more likely that Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012, perhaps it is time to reflect on the legacy she will leave behind, if indeed she does not  run.

Palin has brought a color, and excitement, to the political arena and daily life. She has assisted candidates of quality to get elected who were unknowns before she endorsed them. Palin has enlivened the political discourse by bringing in millions of decent ordinary folks to her Facebook site and the various Palin supporting sites that have sprung up in their multitudes.Which other political personality has inspired so many in so positive a fashion since President Obama took office?

When other Republicans feared to take on the Obama administration, Palin stepped in fearlessly. Her "death panels" quote became the motto for the Tea Party charge against the administrations health care plans and electrified the Tea Party. This movement became, with her assistance, a major force in defeating the administration in the 2010 landslide.

Palin has inspired by showing that an ordinary person from a small town far away can, through sheer effort and belief in what is right, run for the second highest office in America. She has shown that women can do anything, and has changed the way society views women as candidates, to the point that a woman running for president is unremarked on gender wise.

But perhaps one of the most important thing that the rise of Sarah Palin has done is to bring to the light of day the darkness that lies in the heart of the 'progressive' left. 

That the mainstream liberal media has embarked on a three year campaign of unremitting attacks on Palin, in defense of their hero Obama is extraordinary. That it would have happened during the 2008 campaign was to be expected, especially as she was McCain's spear carrier. But for it to continue for three years in column after column, and television show after television show,
is, frankly, just odd.

But from the MSM there was, apart from the undisguised contempt at, and turning up of the nose at this common person, from the backwoods, who dared to challenge the establishment, a degree of civility-cursing and attacking her family was not usually resorted to.

But for the "progressive' left no such restrictions existed. Every lie, filth, curse word, arrogant dismissal like is found in Doug Mataconis's endless anti-Palin rants (so skewered by Stacy McCain), distortion, calumny, foul mouthed invective, and condescension raged out at Palin and her family. Hate sites like Daily Kos, FiredogLake, Huffington Post, and a myriad of others, spewed out endless garbage and attacks on Palin and her family.

Andrew Sullivan typifies the Palin obsession which psychologists and social scientists in the future will puzzle over. Why would a rational person engage in, as a blogger, otherwise friendly  to Sullivan, noted;
* A Google search for “Trig” on Andrew Sullivan’s blog turns up 274 entries. A search for “Palin” turns up 8,860 entries. In "100+ rants"

On top of the standard progressive hate, there was the insane hate sites like "Palin's Deceptions" and Immoral Minority" which spewed out mad columns of conspiracy theories about the Palin's, especially that her Down Syndrome child wasn't really hers. That so many people could be so obsessed is difficult to understand.

The reason must lie in the core of liberalism which is jealousy and sexual frustration/obsession. 

The passion of envy of those, especially those who come from the same social background as the obsessed, must be the core reason for such incredible and unwarranted hatred. In other words, it is self loathing finding an outlet in 'the other' especially if that other stands on a pro-life, and achievement through hard work platform. For those who have failed in life they look at Palin, but what they see is the ultimate expression of what they might have achieved, and the failure gnaws at their very core.

If Palin leaves the political world and is not seen as a threat to the Democrat's/Obama, then perhaps ration thinking might once again be allowed to enter the political discourse. 

Those who have been Palin supporters to the level of near, happy, obsession, have at least had a positive input into, and from, their lives and can leave the fray, if that is what has happened, better persons for having entered it. Those Palin deranged (PDS) persons have had an entirely negative expression of their lives, and inner core, and need to look deep inside themselves and perhaps seek professional help.

Perhaps too those who have been so madly obsessed can take a step back and consider their actions over these last three years-three years which Sullivan describes as a  national nightmare-but is in reality an irrational nightmare of his, and his peers creation. 

If they do so, and try and cure themselves, they will have lanced a putrid boil of their own creation, and owe Palin a debt of gratitude for making them better person.

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