Monday, September 12, 2011

Palin+3% CNN Poll Within MOE Of Romney-Perry Static.Palin/Romney Historic Compromise Ticket?

For all the Perry mania he has not moved above his highest point in CNN's polling too date. Perry has not yet even begun to receive the intensity of scrutiny from the liberal media and if this is his highest level of support it is not even a choice of a third of GOP voters.

Palin is up the points from the last CNN poll and 7 points from the last Youguv poll taken last week and the last Fox poll. This is before she has indicated if she is running. There would, surely be a poll bump from an announcement that she was. which would probably put her in second place. 

In that scenario  the race, in the polls at least, would be Perry versus Palin, which, given the apparent mood of the rank and file, is what the rank and file might wish-especially the Tea Party supporters. In the CNN poll the Palin/Bachman/Cain/Santorum aggregate is 29%.

If this eventuated the big question would be who would Romney throw his support to at the convention? There are many arguments either way but I would lean towards him supporting Palin.In fact, a Palin/Romney ticket, whilst anathema to some would be a winning one and is no different than a Reagan/Bush or JFK/LBJ historic compromise.

The CNN poll has a number of voter responses that show a preference of Palin to Romney which assist the scenario of a coalition.

From Real Clear Politics rolling averages-Palin at highest aggregate for over a year. Polling speaks for itself.

CNN'S latest poll

CNN presented a poll released earlier on August 24th which had Palin on 10% so her rise might actually be 5%.

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