Thursday, September 15, 2011

Politico-Trump Reluctant To Endorse Till Palin Declares;My God, A Palin/Trump Ticket?

In discussing the Trump/Perry get together in New York, where Perry is the latest potential GOP candidate to make the pilgrimage, Politico's James Hohmann advises; (emphasis mine-post is also at the bottom of this page)

Of course, the comment is unattributed, but given the fact that Trump has not yet endorsed there appears to be basis for confidence in it.However there are some, perhaps, highly significant aspects to the possible Palin endorsement by Trump.

If Trump endorsed Palin  she might get a substantial boost in the polls-it is indisputable that when Trump announced he shot to the top of the GOP polls and it is common sense that a substantial element of that potential support would be transferred to Palin.

If Trump would accept the VP slot then such a ticket would have massive appeal and, importantly massive funding. The leftist media and satirists could dine out on it but they are discredited along with their chosen one President Obama and the mood of the country is a populist one. there could be no more populist ticket than Palin/Trump.

In the electoral college such a ticket could do very well with Palin bringing in the south and west and Trump assisting in the rust belt states, where his message of industrial recovery and protectionism would resonate strongly. Given the current polling in Pennsylvania he might bring in enough support to swing that state and thus the election.

If the ticket did lose then Trump would be perfectly positioned for 2016 as a loyalist, thus erasing any problems in his past in that area and heir apparent and with his resources and credibility as a candidate (who would not be blamed for a 2012  loss) he would be a shoo in for the nomination and after 8 years of Obama probably would be elected. Thus a Palin VP slot would be a very shrewd move for him in that respect.

Looked at from another angle. If Palin does not run then there is a danger that Trump might well go third party which would guarantee the re-election of President Obama, whilst destroying the GOP and his electoral college chances. Trump would take enough votes from the GOP in such places as Florida/Virginia/Ohio to let Obama slip through. This would of course destroy any hopes he might have for the GOP nomination in 2016.

The safest and best place for Trump and the GOP would be for him to be safely locked in as VP candidate to Palin which would give him a bright future whichever way things went in the election. Trump and Palin are two smart people and perhaps this scenario has crossed their minds and was the subject of conversation over pizza in NYC.

TRUMP TOWER MINDMELD – THE DONALD LIKES PERRY, BUT HE’S WAITING ON PALIN: Donald Trump feels his meeting with Rick Perry last night at Trump Tower went well. The pair had dinner at Jean George after. The New York businessman went home impressed by Perry, who he thinks is a straight shooter with an impressive story to tell. They have been speaking by phone for six weeks. Trump likes the Texas governor but is reluctant to endorse a candidate until Sarah Palin's intentions are known, a source familiar with his thinking tells Morning Score. He is a big Palin fan. Trump is coming off his role as a robocaller for Congressman-elect Bob Turner, who won in the NYC district Trump grew up in. Turner thanked Trump in his victory remarks. 

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