Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hope She (Palin) Jumps In The Race-A Plea From Lisa G "Saucy American In New Zealand"

hope she jumps in the race

I can see Sarah at the resolute desk repealing all the Oregime's madness
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I hope Sarah jumps in the 2012 presidential race.  I can imagine her happily signing repeal orders for all the horrible leftist legislation enacted under the Obozo regime.  Yes, Obozo as in Bozo the clown... by I digress and have now insulted clowns.  Geez, at least clowns make people laugh. The clowns in Washington are only creating tears, desparation, loss, sadness or people who are now really motivated out of anger working on ending the warp speed increase of marxist-statist policies.

Oh yes, I can see Sarah repealing ObamaScare "health care" take over.  She can start the ball rolling on the clean up effort to end unnecessary departments like the EPA or Department of Energy just to name a couple satist horrors America does not need any more.  Each state can have their own energy or environmental regulations for their own industries.

The federal government has grown way too big and out of control.  Each new regulation or law takes another iota of freedom away.  America needs smaller, smarter government and to get out of the way of private sector growth.
Yes, Sarah can put America back on a path of restoration and pro-exceptionalism.

I hope she jumps in the important 2012 race.  We need her...  Will something be announced soon?  I await patiently... along with millions of others.

However to quote a friend named Scott, I'd happily vote for a blind, alcoholic monkey over Obumbles any damn day.
Written by Editorial Contributor Lisa G whose Blog "Saucy American In New Zealand" is a bright spot amongst witty, fact-filled and, as she says, saucy, blogs. Even Prof. Jacobson of "Legal Insurrection" fame has chosen SAINZ as a preferred blog so I am delighted to have Lisa as a contributing editor.

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