Friday, September 16, 2011

If Palin Doesn't Run-Time For A Mass Movement Third (Or Replacement) Party

If Sarah Palin chooses not to run for president  in 2012, and who could blame her given the unrelenting character assassination she and her family have been subject to, then perhaps it is time to consider the creation of a mass third party or rather a replacement party for one of the current big two.

If Romney or Perry or Christie, Giuliani, Huntsman or Bush get the nomination, they being amongst the most likely at this point in time sans a Palin run nobody, surely, would expect any radical change in society. All of them represent business as usual in their historic ties to crony capitalism, country club Republicanism and the Beltway elite.

Nothing is more  certain that after the initial euphoria  at the removal of the hapless Obama administration the new GOP presidents polls would be well under 50% approval once the economy either didn't improve or turned down further from where it was on election day.

None of these candidates are a Reagan which, if they were, would make persevering with the GOP an option. They aren't and if Palin doesn't run there is no reason to stick with the GOP ( I will write in Palin even if she chooses to back whomever is the GOP nominee).

When major tectonic change happens in society the body politic adjusts by removing one of the existing major parties. This happened with the eclipse of the Federalists and then the Whigs. 

Such change usually takes more than one election e.g. the Republicans first ran in 1856 and won the presidency in 1860. But a start has to be made sometime, and much as one would not wish to see either the GOP or Dem's win an election or two, it would be a bitter pill that would have to swallowed but would be an eventual cure.

As in 1856 there are enough of a number of existing grouping,which although disparate, could have enough in common to form the nucleus of a new party. if such groups as northern Whigs, know nothings, Free Soil Democrats could coalesce then PUMA's, Paulites, libertarians, disaffected Dem's, conservative feminists, Blacks, Gays, minorities who see the free market as their path to prosperity not the welfare state can come together, at least in dialogue initially.

Of course as a bedrock to these groups, and with organization of sorts in place, the Tea Party and the Christian conservative groups, could be the driving force for coalescing. 

The Tea Party could also provide an essential ingredient, money without which the modern reality says nothing can be done, they would also provide a sheet anchor of credibility as, in a wonderful display of foresight, they have not organized themselves with a leader who could be dismissed as any individual could be.

At some point such a co-alition would of course need a leader and one springs to my mind but, as with the Tea Party, the essential thing would be to tap into the deep pool of populism, rage against a congress which is at an all time low in the public estimation and an increasingly unpopular and out of touch administration.

Not only is government the problem but the Democrats and Republicans, as they are now constituted are the problem, as they provide the government. It is, sans a Palin candidacy, as she has a proven record of not being dominated by the powers that be, time to consider a new, genuinely populist, independent of Washington and the crony capitalist and the welfarist big spenders, big taxers, new party.

The time has never been more propitious as with the utter deflation of all the faith and trust that was put into the "hope and change" media creation there is a mood of total rejection of the status quo. To even consider that Romney/Perry is the answer is of course silly, trusting the American people with a new creation is on the other hand the most positive thing that could be considered.

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