Monday, September 19, 2011

McGinniss's Book Destroys Left's Palin "Victim/Racist/&Tucson-Gifford's Themes-Thanks Joe.

So vile, outlandish, preposterous and ludicrous are the "facts" and themes in McGinniss's hatchet job-according to reviewer after reviewer-Toby Harnden in The Daily Telegraph for example-that the reverse effect has been created.

No doubt McGinniss supporters, especially the mad "Trig Truthers" thought, with glee, "time to party" headlined one of the Truther" blogs when the "facts" from the book were leaked, that the book would finish Palin off.

From the first review from, of all places The New York Times, which dismissed the book as a pile of uncorroborated hearsay and gossip, which had been around for years on the internet, a well of sympathy for Palin has come from even the most dire of her critics. 

If both Olberman and Maher said the book had gone too far, and Matt Latimer at The Daily Beast-whilst certainly not defending Palin, excoriates McGinniss-then something has gone awry for the liberal/Dem/GOP Beltway elite plans and schemes.

Obviously the McGinniss and Johnston books have come out at exactly  the time when Palin is expected to announce whether she will run or not. A publishers blatant money grubbing scheme, and one almost hopes she doesn't run just to see these two "books" fail as miserably as they deserve to.

If she does announce she is running then both books, but particularly McGinniss's, will have created the opposite effect of what was intended.

1. The book destroys the "Palin is racist theme" which was ridiculous in the first place, as she is of course married to a part native American. By intimating the (so far unproven by the way) relationship with a Black basketball star, that not only contradicts the statement that "Palin was uncomfortable around people of color, and fired all her colored campaign workers." but it is impossible for a person to be more comfortable with another person than when in a relationship of the type so described. 

So much for "racism" the dismissal of which is important if she should be the candidate who opposes President Obama.

2.Yes-Palin is a "victim". The media has proven, as the two articles linked above prove over and over, that she has been the unrelenting target of left wing media hate for three years. No other person in public life has been so subjected to this fire-storm of filth, lies, personal attacks on her and her family, and calumny. 

That she should be accused of "playing the victim card" if she dared to defend herself, is just another example of this fire-storm from hell unleashed by the "progressive media" for deeply disturbed psychological reasons on their part, which will no doubt the the subject of learned tomes in future times.

Through the pinnacle of this sort of attack that the book represents, Palin is now freed forever of being accused of having a "thin skin" as Karl Rove said, as he too joined in the attack.  

She clearly  has the hide of an elephant and patience of a saint. That she has remained silent in face of all the trash that has been said after McGinniss's book has hit the media is a miracle.

3. The dire and distorted media coverage of Palin's "blood libel" statement after the Gifford's tragedy, which caused such a negative reaction to her, has been expunged by the sympathy that has been generated for her by this height of folly  attack on her and her family. 

How this will play out-that is if it will finally make people judge Palin on her policies like any other politician, remains to be seen. But surely even the left  must realize the have, at last, gone too far and perhaps, just perhaps, they have, instead of destroying her have created a launching pad to the position the have worked tirelessly to deny her.

A consummation devoutly to be wished.

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