Saturday, September 17, 2011

Palin Leading Obama In West Virginia 45%-42%/Dan Riehl Is An Hero

According to the PPP (D) Sarah Palin leads president Obama in West Virginia by 45% to 42% if the election were held today, significantly there  are 13% undecided in that poll. 

History shows that at an election the undecided goes overwhelmingly for the challenger and there would be no reason not to expect this to occur in West Virginia.

If, given that Palin is not a declared candidate and given she has been subject to the most scurrilous attacks any prospective candidate has ever received, she is out in front in, at least, West Virginia, the she is clearly a viable candidate to oppose Obama in 2012.

On another matter. The blogger Dan Riehl  at; 
"RIEHL WORLD VIEW"has vociferously defended Palin's honor against these disgusting attacks in wake of McGiniss's "book. he is also under attack-from the main stream right-who threaten to sue him. Please visit his column and show him some support as he is a person of honor and, rare today in journalism, a gentleman.

Here is the PPP report::

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