Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Palin Soars In New WashPost Poll To 14%-Up 6 Points From Last Fox Poll

The (Link is here) just released poll from the Washington Post/ABC News shows Palin in a solid third place-just 8 points behind Mitt Romney. This is Palin's highest poll rating since July

"Among all Republicans and GOP-leaning independents, Perry has edged ahead with 27 percent of the vote, followed by Romney with 22 percent, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin at 14 percent, Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) with 8 percent and Bachmann at 6 percent."This result is a six point increase from last weeks Fox poll which had her at 8% and follows on from her substantive and highly publicized speech in Iowa last weekend.

Palin's address to The Tea Party was long on substance and exhortation to get involved and,given the enormous Media bias against her, received some grudging praise in the main stream press.

It is clear that should Palin declare she has a solid base to start her campaign with poll wise.

 It would be expected there would be some degree of poll bounce for her following a declaration and that Bachmann's residual support-down to 6% in this poll would shift to Palin to some degree-perhaps most of it which would put her in or very near second place.

The support for Perry is of course a media sensation creation-we have seen what happened to previous incarnations e.g. Trump and Bachmann who started with a huge jump in poll support only to see that deflate quickly.

Perry has hardly begun to receive the blowtorch of media scrutiny or have been judged in a debate whereas Palin has no fears of such aspects.

That Palin is in such a strong position when she has not even declared and when Perry has taken so much support from other candidates is remarkable.

An interesting insight on the poll from FRANK at Conservatives4Palin:

ABC/Washington Post
Perry 29
Romney 23 
Palin 14

Sept 6-8 2007
Guliani 28
Thompson 27
McCain 15

Jan 14-17
McCain 29
Huckabee 20
Romney 19

At this point in time, McCain was in 3rd place, well off the pace being set by Guliani and Thompson. By the time the primaries started, McCain moved into first and nearly doubled his support.

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