Friday, September 23, 2011

Post Debate; "Perry’s done. Palin is the only person who can save us from Romney now."

The consensus (READ COMMENT AFTER COMMENT HERE) at the Republican activists site "Free Republic" is overwhelmingly underwhelmed by Perry's performance in the debate.

Michelle Malkin hits his debate performance  hard
" Perry's most cringe-worthy debate moment"
Those who had been Perry flavor of the month supporters who boosted an unvetted, unknown, to the wider voting public as a new candidate, and raised him to near 40% at one time, and overwhelming favorite at the Hot Air on line poll, are dumping him.
The "three strikes and you're out" meme, after Perry failed to ignite the passion that the media created in their pages for him, has taken over. After a similar meteoric rise and fall by previous media darling Bachmann the activists are, once again looking hopefully towards Sarah Palin as the only one who can avert a Romney RINO disaster.

Actually the RINO's and Beltway backers are keeping Huntsman in reserve in case their first choice stumbles as has been noticed by "Huntsman on the rise in New Hampshire" reporting (from the L.A. Times as they try and pick the GOP nominee for them-no thanks) they must think the GOP rank and file are idiots but one thing is certain they will not be able to force Huntsman down their throats.

By staying out of the debates and delivering outstanding policy speeches like in Indianola, Palin is proving a tactical genius. After each new "star" rises, the media says "Palin has left it too late, Palin is irrelevant" and etc. Then after vetting and in conjunction with the flavor of the months own gaffes they fall out of favor.

In the meantime, despite the continued barrage of criticism of her by the media, and the seeming-less bottomless pit of trash books and movies from the bottom of the pit thrown at her, Palin increases steadily in the polls to where she is now just outside the margin or error versus President Obama.

Only one prospective candidate, including Romney who never had front runner status, has been totally vetted and can start a campaign at any time free from such diversions and that is Palin. 

The comment from Free Republic that only Palin can save the GOP from Romney is spot on-she must get into the campaign to give voters a genuine choice between politics as they are now, or politics as they can be.

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