Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dick Morris"Palin Can't Beat Obama Because He's Above 50%"(Rasmussen Today Obama 47%) Morris Fails Again)

Dick Morris continues his epic fail prediction run e.g. "Donald Trump will declare as a Republican candidate." On Bill O'Reilly's show last week, where O'Reilly and Morris continued their Palin bashing, Morris reviewed the GOP prospective candidates and made this statement.

"Palin can't beat president Obama for the reason that he is above 50% against her in the polls." According to Morris the 50% mark is the breakpoint at which a sitting president can't be defeated by a challenger.

Once again Morris is exploded as the latest Rasmussen poll has Obama at 47% to 35% (35% is a substantial rise for Palin) versus Palin which result, according to Morris's theory, would allow for Palin to close the gap and eventually win against him. 

The 12 point margin is as nothing compared to e.g. Carter's 30 point lead against Reagan in election year 1980 so if she ran and received the nomination we could look forward to President Palin based on Morris's theory.

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