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Politics Post Palin-Life Goes On But With A Bit Less Fizz

Although it may turn out otherwise, it seems to me as if Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012. Her repeated statement on Greta Van Susteren's show that "you don't need a title to make a difference", her legal action against the publishers of McGiniss's book (which might distract from a campaign) and her upcoming visit to Korea during a scheduled GOP debate, all seem to me to point to that conclusion.

That I am not alone in feeling this way a quick glance at the comments from her most loyal supporters at Conservatives4Palin would confirm straight away-there is much sadness and melancholy there.

Am I personally upset  at the prospect, do I feel somehow "betrayed" or taken for a ride by Palin for all the columns and support I have given over the last two years? Heck no-I called it as I saw it, and still believe in the policies and principles Palin stated and embodies. If she is not the vehicle to progress them so be it and good luck to her. My guide in commentary life is the same one that sits on the masthead at "The Other McCain" website;

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler"

Do I give a damn what people like Doug Mataconis says about Palin supporters (and Stacy McCain absolutely skewers Mataconis)-hell no. People who are afflicted with the psychological problem of Palin Derangement Syndrome are in a much worse mental condition than those who dedicated much of their lives and time to Palin Support Syndrome-one is positive view of life and the other, PDS afflicted, is indicative of a sour, distorted, hateful internal life.

In  consideration of Palin not running, and yes, in contradiction to the leftist meme that all Palin supporters are naive die-hards, we actually consider life without Palin, I wrote two articles which I reproduce (with the titles in red) below. the first sets out what I would personally do if she didn't run and the second looks to a  possible alternative political future e.g. a third party scenario if nothing changes in the political arena.

The one positive from Palin not running, should that be the case, would be I would "get part of my life back". The negatives, apart from the loss for America of a good person in politics (Palin) would be that a certain electricity and anticipation would have gone from my life. Further, the struggle to find items to comment about, with enthusiasm, would open like a yawning chasm. A Mitt Romney candidacy and presidency-what a terribly boring prospect for the media and bloggers alike!

If she decides not to run, the prospect of Palin ending up as the "contrarian" on some leftist network like Scarborough or Beckel on the rightist network, is too horrible to contemplate. I would prefer to see her in happy retirement writing the occasional commentary or returning from the plough one day (or rather fishing boat) to save the nation like Cincinnatus. Whatever happens, and the choice is entirely hers of course, the nations life has been made more interesting and richer because of this maligned like no other, brave and exciting woman. It's been an honor Sarah (and if you do run I will of course leap into the fray).

"I Have Decided NOT To Support Any of the Republican Hopefuls"

In considering the 2012 election I posted this some time ago;

"If Palin Doesn't Run-Then who To Support?

It depends of course.

If Palin doesn't run and endorses someone then, except for Romney or Bachmann that's the person I would vote for (Palin supporters are not robots). If Palin endorses a candidate and that candidate subsequently chooses either Romney or Bachmann as their running mate then I would not vote for them.

In both the above,"I won't vote for them" cases I would write in Palin.

If Palin doesn't endorse anyone then I would vote in a primary election for, in descending order, Giuliani, Pawlenty, Perry-if none of those were on the ballot I would write in Palin."

Since writing that, I have had the opportunity to further consider the prospective candidates. My views on Bachmann and Romney have been, if anything, further consolidated- I won't vote for either under any circumstances.

Pawlenty has gone, I have seen enough of Perry to say no thanks. Giuliani is the only prospective candidate I would consider at this point. Even if Palin endorsed  a candidate I would not vote for them, except, perhaps Rudy.

At this point I have to agree with the writer of this letter with the one possible exception of Giuliani. If he doesn't run and Palin doesn't run then I too will write in Palin.


Sarah Palin for Pres. or Bust

I have decided to NOT support any of the Republican Presidential Hopefuls.
I will only support Sarah Palin for President of the United States even if I have to write her in.

A)  Americans generally do not trust Republicans or Democrats.  (either do I).
Sarah Palin has always been a lone ranger of sorts that held both parties to account. 

She didn't play politics...always looking to improve Alaska's economy and the management
of Alaska's resources against crony Oil companies.

It is about time America realize what I realize...

The CHOICES ALL STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a PROUD  Conservative.....  I WILL NOT..... I SHALL NOT...... SUPPORT ANYONE

If Palin Doesn't Run-Time For A Mass Movement Third (Or Replacement) Party

If Sarah Palin chooses not to run for president  in 2012, and who could blame her given the unrelenting character assassination she and her family have been subject to, then perhaps it is time to consider the creation of a mass third party or rather a replacement party for one of the current big two.

If Romney or Perry or Christie, Giuliani, Huntsman or Bush get the nomination, they being amongst the most likely at this point in time sans a Palin run nobody, surely, would expect any radical change in society. All of them represent business as usual in their historic ties to crony capitalism, country club Republicanism and the Beltway elite.

Nothing is more  certain that after the initial euphoria  at the removal of the hapless Obama administration the new GOP presidents polls would be well under 50% approval once the economy either didn't improve or turned down further from where it was on election day.

None of these candidates are a Reagan which, if they were, would make persevering with the GOP an option. They aren't and if Palin doesn't run there is no reason to stick with the GOP ( I will write in Palin even if she chooses to back whomever is the GOP nominee).

When major tectonic change happens in society the body politic adjusts by removing one of the existing major parties. This happened with the eclipse of the Federalists and then the Whigs. 

Such change usually takes more than one election e.g. the Republicans first ran in 1856 and won the presidency in 1860. But a start has to be made sometime, and much as one would not wish to see either the GOP or Dem's win an election or two, it would be a bitter pill that would have to swallowed but would be an eventual cure.

As in 1856 there are enough of a number of existing grouping,which although disparate, could have enough in common to form the nucleus of a new party. if such groups as northern Whigs, know nothings, Free Soil Democrats could coalesce then PUMA's, Paulites, libertarians, disaffected Dem's, conservative feminists, Blacks, Gays, minorities who see the free market as their path to prosperity not the welfare state can come together, at least in dialogue initially.

Of course as a bedrock to these groups, and with organization of sorts in place, the Tea Party and the Christian conservative groups, could be the driving force for coalescing. 

The Tea Party could also provide an essential ingredient, money without which the modern reality says nothing can be done, they would also provide a sheet anchor of credibility as, in a wonderful display of foresight, they have not organized themselves with a leader who could be dismissed as any individual could be.

At some point such a co-alition would of course need a leader and one springs to my mind but, as with the Tea Party, the essential thing would be to tap into the deep pool of populism, rage against a congress which is at an all time low in the public estimation and an increasingly unpopular and out of touch administration.

Not only is government the problem but the Democrats and Republicans, as they are now constituted are the problem, as they provide the government. It is, sans a Palin candidacy, as she has a proven record of not being dominated by the powers that be, time to consider a new, genuinely populist, independent of Washington and the crony capitalist and the welfarist big spenders, big taxers, new party.

The time has never been more propitious as with the utter deflation of all the faith and trust that was put into the "hope and change" media creation there is a mood of total rejection of the status quo. To even consider that Romney/Perry is the answer is of course silly, trusting the American people with a new creation is on the other hand the most positive thing that could be considered.

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