Tuesday, September 20, 2011

(Palin Author) McGinniss "The Bastard Child of Roald Dahl & Jackie Collins"

A wonderful gentleman with the wonderful name of Stephenson Billings has written a wonderful essay attacking, variously, McGinniss for his Palin book-which he describes as a "novel" journalists, who are in the main "polymorphously perverse alcoholics" Madison Avenue, and many more targets of righteous anger.

There is almost too many great passages (and great photographs as well) to choose from and of course 
(LINK) it is a must read but here are a few I have selected which convey the tone. From: 

The Selling of “Sarah Palin”: What Joe McGinniss’s Latest Novel Reveals About Liberal Fantasy

"We know full well that journalists are living, breathing human beings. They are, by and large, polymorophously perverse alcoholics struggling with tyrannical egos and unpaid rent bills, agitated little men typing away mendacious monstrosities out of an utter sense of failure, a failure to fight with a sword instead of a keyboard, a failure to achieve success in the careers of their fathers, a failure to believe in Thomas Jefferson’s vision of liberty and unable to venture forth from their musty rooms to embrace the real America."

"In researching this volume, the author went to lengths that border on the immoral and illegal. He camped out next door to the Palin household, spying on Sarah and Todd’s young children as they sunbathed in the backyard in small bikinis and gym shorts. Thumbing his sweat-drenched paragraphs, one senses that his binoculars fogged with prurient persistence up there in Alaska. He became a notorious denizen of Wasilla during his stay, inserting himself into the Governor’s beautiful family with lecherous intent. Yet the man was so intoxicated with ego (among other things), he seemed queerly unaware that he was not at all welcome."

And so much more. Billings, writing at "Christwire" takes a conservative Christian stand, but beyond that the genuine righteous anger, defense of a woman the attacks on whom by the liberals stirs up his obvious gentleman's honor, there is a deep seated Christian ethic at work here which takes his essay beyond political response and into another, higher realm.
This is exemplified in his stirring upholding of Palin which, in this paragraph shows the transcendence of her message, and his defense, into something bigger than both of them and a hope for America.

"In the end, McGinniss fails to realize that Governor Palin is no longer a person of flesh and blood. She is not a woman or a politician. Instead, Palin is a movement that stirs in the hearts of all those who love this nation. That movement is fueled by the uniquely American spirit of liberty. Its foundation is our willingness to fight for our faith and the role we envision Jesus Christ must take in our society. We are more intelligent, more honest because of the work of Sarah Palin. She has made us brave in our beliefs."

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