Monday, September 5, 2011

Bachmann's Top Two Depart-End Is Nigh Especially If Palin Gets In

According to Politicons and numerous other sources Michele Bachmann's campaign manager Ed Rollins is stepping down for "health reasons"

Shortly after that announcement commentators on Conservatives4palin advised;

'Ed Rollins was talking by phone on CNN and said that this is a Romney/Perry race. Which caught Ari Fletcher by surprise for him to say, leaving out Bachmann. That is probably why he left the campaign although he is saying for health reasons. He also slipped up and said that she's going back to congress in the fall--then changed the conversation real quick. He's probably leaving the sinking ship before it sinks further."

And then hard on the heels of that cock up the report comes in that Bachmann's deputy campaign manager
David Poyansky has quit "wishing Michele all the best"

to which another C4P commentator added:

Michele Bachmann deputy campaign manager David Polyansky to depart:

"On the heels of our report that Michele Bachmann campaign manager Ed Rollins is stepping back into an advisory role, citing health concerns, comes word that his deputy, David Polyansky, is leaving the campaign.

"I wish Michele nothing but the best, and anyone who underestimates her as a candidate does so at their own peril," Polyansky told POLITICO. But a GOP source familiar with the situation said that Polyansky had "strategic differences on the path forward" with the candidate, who has struggled to gain traction in the last few weeks.

Polyansky and Rollins led the team that brought Bachmann to her Ames Straw Poll win in Iowa, along with a handful of others like veteran pollster Ed Goeas. It wasn't immediately clear who was taking over the top two day-to-day slots.

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With Palin, who has not declared yet ahead of Bachmann in the polls and with Perry having taken away all her momentum with, no doubt, cash drying up, it will be only a matter of time (briefly if Palin gets in ) before Michele joins Pawlenty on the sidelines.

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