Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eugene Robinson Tells His "Gullible Few Followers Palin Will Not Run" For 3rd Time

Eugene Robinson is either going to have a great "I told you so" by the end of September or will have enough egg on his face to make a big bunch of scrambled eggs.

He has said twice in his columns that Palin won't run and here he is on video making it categoric as well as calling Palin's supporters a "gullible few". I don't consider myself gullible and have been around as long as Robinson-but we shall see which of us is embarrassed.

If it is Robinson who is wrong this blog will run a column on it not once, not twice but three times just to rub it in as I hate condescension.

Eugene Robinson and Eugene Robinson doubles down: TRIPLES  down Sept 7th

As can be seen by the video, Robinson may not be alone in his eating crow moments as frontman Larry O'Donnell also joined in the fun and doubled down on his statement that Palin wouldn't run-in fact "She will NEVER hold public office again."

His previous statement is here: Lawrence O'Donnell

We shall see.

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