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Brilliant Analysis Of The GOP Debate & Palin:"She Was So Right To Avoid this Farcical Show"

A brilliant article and analysis of the GOP debate and Palin's position in the party. David Karki nails it: "

Finally, to Sarah Palin. She has been so right to avoid this whole farcical show. She already has 100% name recognition, will have tons of cash from Tea Partiers the moment she declares, and Snow White might as well let the Seven Dwarfs form the circular firing squad the media would have them make while she stays safely above and out of the fray."

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A GOP Debate, an Obama Speech, and Sarah Palin

David Karki

The last three days could not illustrate better just how far American politics have fallen as of late, and what it will take to resuscitate it and the nation from the coma into which President Obama has put it.
Start with tonight’s Republican Debate. One could call them the Seven Dwarfs, so little do they look while they obediently jump through the ridiculous hoops presented to the by the biased media that effectively works for Obama.

And even when they have glimmer of understanding how obviously they’re being manipulated, as Newt Gingrich did when he criticized moderator Brian Williams of NBC News for trying to instigate squabbles amongst them rather than allowing them to target Obama, they still stupidly play the game. After all, this was a MSNBC/Politico debate – what the hell else did the seven fools think they were going to get from two blatantly liberal outlets? If any of them really believed in what Newt said, to say nothing of having an ounce of strategic thinking, they would never have bothered showing up for this rigged dog-and-pony show in the first place!

Which brings me to the Joe Isuzu twins, Governors Romney and Perry. Admittedly, if elections were won based on who has the most presidential looking hair, suit, and smile, these two would be WAY ahead of the pack. Substantively, however, you can’t help but feel like you’ve just been smooth-talked by a smarmy used car salesman after listening to anything either says. I’m actually glad that the media has declared these two RINOs to be the ostensible front-runners, since their combined prefabricated-ness will increase the distrust of both all the more, and help the two Ken dolls cancel each other out all the sooner.

As for Obama’s ridiculous Even More Of The Same That’s Already Massively Failed Address, this falls under the old political axiom: when your opponent is busy committing suicide, get out of the way and let him. Speaker Boehner was right to decline a GOP response, thereby not adding any gravity to the speech as well as not giving Obama and the Dems a target to shoot at.
And while I would personally love to see a TV with the Saints/Packers pre-game set up off to the side for the GOP members to watch while they pretend to listen to Obama read his delusional drivel from the teleprompters, they’re right to be minimally respectful and show up and go through the motions. Again, don’t give your opponent a target or any chance to shift the spotlight away from him and onto you.

This speech is the political equivalent of the old philosophical riddle:  If Obama gives a poor imitation of a State of the Union Address, and everyone is watching the NFL opener instead, did he really make a complete fool of himself?
Finally, to Sarah Palin. She has been so right to avoid this whole farcical show. She already has 100% name recognition, will have tons of cash from Tea Partiers the moment she declares, and Snow White might as well let the Seven Dwarfs form the circular firing squad the media would have them make while she stays safely above and out of the fray.
Moreover, in her speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire ripping both parties for “crony capitalism” and Facebook post on the Obama-approved call for union violence against Tea Partiers by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., she laid out more detailed plans and laid into Obama with a ferocity none of the other candidates would dare – or be allowed to by the Obamedia running the debates.

Palin simply isn’t going to play the usual game by the establishment’s rules. As Dr. Phil says, if you’re going to do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten. In that case, it’s the media trying to produce the most liberal GOP “opponent” possible for the Democrat, which the conservative Tea Party base will hate. This will help an otherwise doomed Democrat have a chance to win, even if it must be alá Clinton 1992:  a slim plurality in a three-way race. And if even that isn’t enough, then at least the GOP winner will be the most leftist of the group, ensuring that nothing the Democrat has created will be touched, much less dismantled.
In other words, the game is to create a completely phony “choice” between a hardcore and a watered-down leftist come Election Day, so that the entire exercise is rigged, pointless and the establishment stays, well, established for another four years.

The Seven Dwarfs are mindlessly playing this silly game with the crooked dealer and entirely pre-determined outcome to benefit the house, and even when they occasionally realize the con job, none of them has the spine to fold their hand and cash out to save what chips they have left. Palin, on the other hand, was smart enough never to sit at the table in the first place.

That’s why she’s so hated – her refusal to step into their best-laid traps and fearlessness in directly calling Obama out make her every bit the existential threat to the establishment that Obama is to America. And let’s not forget the whole first female president thing, the gender card which trumps the race card that you know Obama will play hard if all else fails.
Small wonder then, that the media is doing everything possible to claim it’s too late for Palin and that she polls horribly – the simplest way to beat her is for her to never get in the race and the next simplest is to get her in too early so they can beat up on her as long as possible.

Yes, Sarah will have to officially get in soon in order to be on the ballot in IA and NH, but why on earth should she expose herself to enemy fire any sooner than absolutely necessary? And if the point of such an unconventional campaign is to break the establishment’s hold, then the first step is to refuse to kowtow to their unwritten rules.
Does this come at some risk? Sure. Could it fail? Sure. But could it succeed? Absolutely. And if the alternative is another round of a phony choice between a Democrat versus RINO chosen by the media, with the policy outcome rigged as a result, then why not go for broke? From where I stand, it’s the only chance to beat ‘em…the only chance to save the Republic.

And if nothing else, it’ll be damned entertaining and hilarious watching the media and left go absolutely bonkers…

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