Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tea Party Tribune "Why, Just Now, All These Concerted Attacks On Palin?"

Anthony James at The Tea Party Tribune asks the common sense question why, just now when Palin is considering running-has the left thrown  the kitchen sink,the kitchen garbage can and everything else not nailed down in the kitchen at her.

RUBES: The REAL Sarah Palin Haters
© 2011 By Anthony James
There’s a new book out, purportedly an “exposé” on the “real” Sarah Palin, by noted Palin hater Joe McGinnis. Joe is as well known for his questionable sources and frequently unattributable accusations as he is for his creepy fixation on all things Sarah. This is the guy who actually went to Wasilla last summer and rented the house next to the Palins so he could spy on them and be an aggravating thorn in their sides as he concocted his latest hit piece on America’s favorite Governor.
Released on almost (if not) the same day as Mr. McGuinness’ hardcover slime-fest is a new movie about Sarah Palin by Nick Broomfield, also based on un-sourced innuendo, shallowly vetted invective and spuriously hurled accusations. I’m intentionally avoiding naming either of these works of rabid fiction, lest I bestow upon them the faintest scintilla of worth or value. Interestingly, both dirtball productions are being roundly and universally criticized and discredited by the same Lapdog Misledia which until very recently delighted in piling on whenever a “Get Palin” trash  piece popped up. Apparently even the dinosaur Lapdog Misledia presstitutes are impressed with Palin’s holding third place in most national polling despite not even having announced yet. When (not “if”) this juggernaut announces, you’ll either be “On the bus or in its dust.” I guess the presstitutes would rather switch sides now, while it’s still almost sub-rosa.
Never having been one to believe in such uniquely focused “coincidences,” where two pieces with identical agendas would pop up in the pantheon of pseudo-documentary ad hominem at precisely the same time. It causes rational and clear thinking individuals to ask the questions, “Why this?” and “Why right now?” It isn’t as though the American public has been deprived by the media of ample examples of baseless, vile, vituperative assaults on this fine woman over the past three years; in fact, we and Sarah have been bludgeoned with them to the point where they have become meaningless background white-noise.
So again, we must ask, ”Why this, and why now?” To find the answers we must look at a couple of simple and obvious facts. First, up until last November, the extreme lunatic left wing of the progressive liberal movement in America seemed to be on a nonstop romp to seize the reins of this nation and drag us kicking and screaming down the path to socialist Third World banana republic hell.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the gulag… decent, hard-working, rational and patriotic Americans awoke from our near coma and popped the drag chutes. Following the spine of The Tea Party and the vocal leadership of Sarah Palin, we sent the loonies a chilling message by taking back the House of Representatives in a historic tidal wave best characterized by the old saw, “Hell no, not on our watch!”
The other piece of the puzzle is found in the fact that this is almost certainly the point in time during which it is expected that Sarah will announce her intentions to run for the presidency in 2012. Since everything including the kitchen sink having been thrown at her over the past three years only served to make her more wildly popular, the insane liberal savants inhabiting the cesspool of the Democrat Strategy Bunker knew without being told what had to be done: More of the same! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
Notwithstanding that this most recent author and moviemaker each in their own turn did manage to come up with some different if less than original lumps of feces to throw in Sarah’s general direction, these shankers decided to prove once again that a very apt definition of insanity is to do the exact same thing over and over, always expecting a different result.
Since it is obvious even to numb nabobs like McGinnis and Broomfield that this is the most likely timeframe during which Sarah will announce her run, it is also quite obviously the perfect time for both of them in seemingly choreographed unison to drop their drawers, expose their pimple-flecked vertical smiles, and birth their steaming toads in public. Can we all just agree that they have succeeded fabulously even if only at beating a horse so long dead that even the stench has disappeared?
If there remain any among us who, like me, desire only to let these bottom feeding babboons know how pathetically ineffectual their patently disingenuous phlegm is, the best way to show them just happens also to be the very best thing that we can do for America at this juncture. It is both icing on the cake and the most delicious of ironies that we, and we alone, have the absolute control necessary to do what it is that needs to be done.
We must elect Sarah Palin president in the most crushing tidal wave of enthusiastic good judgment ever seen in the history of this nation. With that one bold move we will accomplish the dual goals of seeing America led by the greatest natural born leader in our generation, even as we witness the final implosion and last agonized shrieks of our endlessly lying extreme left loonies.
Their entire movement, from the fabricated attacks on Bush beginning with “Blood For Oil” to the crammed-down-our-gullets lies of Obamacare and the Shovel Ready Stimulus, have been nothing but one vile deceit heaped upon another. Such an absolute inability to deal in the truth or to face the facts of our situation and its solutions only proves that there is simply no place at the grown-ups’ table for these diseased sputa.
Good riddance to rubes and bad rubbish. Time to usher in the American Renaissance, carried in on the invigoratingly freshening breeze of President Sarah Palin.

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