Monday, September 26, 2011

"Sarah Palin Can Save This Republic" Crista Huff At Town Hall Finance.Com

Crista Huff from Town Hall Finance.Com has a column up "Sarah Palin Can Save This Republic."
As befits a finance page (retired stockbroker) columnist Crista describes herself;
"I am a conservative, which means that I believe in fiscal responsibility, free markets, personal responsibility and the Constitution." 

Which leads her to state;

"That’s why I want a presidential candidate who has no history of cozying up to terrorists; nor do I want a candidate friendly with religions and countries which do not denounce terrorists; or who allow illegal immigrants to come here; or those that support socialist policies. 
For me that means I must omit Chris Christie, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney from receiving my support. That’s the way I roll, to save the Republic."

And thus the natural conclusion is;
"That’s why I want to see Sarah Palin run.
Sarah Palin’s record in Alaska shows her to be the bravest, most effective executive I’ve ever seen.  She accomplished incredible feats as Governor and united Democrats and Republicans in order to succeed with projects which brought great prosperity to her state. "
"You want to save the Republic? Elect somebody who has already saved her state: Sarah Palin."

To get the full flavor of this exceptional column please read the entire post AT THIS LINK

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