Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fox Panel "Christie Thinking of Running" But Surely He's A Tease/Equivocator/Too Late Like Palin?

Here's WSJ's Paul Gigot saying not only that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the so beloved of Ann Coulter, is "thinking about running now, very carefully" and that if he did declare he would vault "straight to the top of the GOP polls"

He the proceeds to tear down Romney and last weeks flavor of the week Rick Perry. That even the country club GOP sees that Romney is not the best candidate and that they are flailing about for an alternative is now obvious

The utter hypocrisy of the GOP establishment shows no capacity for any shame or restraint. When it comes to Palin not having decided one way or the other all the reasons they attack her with magically disappear when it comes to a candidate they promote.

Palin is charged with being a tease, with being a ditherer, with leaving things far to late to be a serious candidate, with the window for fund raising and for registering just about closed. 

She could not possibly run,they say, because she doesn't have any boots on the ground organization, nor is she surrounded by a group of experienced campaign professionals.

In what way is a proposed Christie candidacy any different from a proposed Palin one? Leaving aside the historic facts of both Clinton and Reagan entering the lists well past September, Palin has in fact a substantial on the ground organization (which a cursory visit to Organize4palin would show) and could instantly raise massive amounts from her enormous following.

The media and the Beltway talking heads just keep digging their own graves faster and faster and their credibility and blatant partisanship is sorely exposed.

If you can bear to watch it, actually it makes a good case study, here is the latest Beltway double standards on display.

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