Thursday, January 5, 2012

ABC's Walshe 8 Paragraph Report On Palin At CPAC 6 Paragraphs Totally Negative

The left-wing media just can't let it go. Palin baiter Shushannah Walshe reports at the ABC News site that Sarah Palin will be the headline speaker at CPAC in February. The only positive aspect of the whole report is the verbatim quote from CPAC itself announcing Palin as the top guest speaker.

Walshe then launches into 6 paragraphs of total negativity heralded by the opening sentence; "The former Alaska governor has a rocky history with the group."

Walshe-wake up-Palin is not a candidate, you can lay off the ridiculous bias now.

You can read this classic bit of MSM bias against Palin at the link above-I certainly won't deign to reproduce it.

This bias towards Palin also ignites the Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) on the right where Doug Mataconis of the 
"Outside The Beltway" blog ( which I listed as number two (sic) in my list of the worst blogs for 2011-in fact ever) gleefully carries Walshe's "report" and indicates he will be at the bar (as he was when West spoke at a previous CPAC) when Palin speaks at CPAC-which is not surprising on a number of counts.

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