Friday, January 6, 2012

Shock!;Lib Washington Post Attacks Palin's Praise Of Mom Who Shot Intruder

National heroine-and that is surely what she is outside of Califonia/DC/NYC-Sarah McKinley the incredibly gutsy and composed 18 year who shot an intruder after first asking a 911 dispatcher for advice was praised by Sarah Palin.

Usually anything to do with Palin immediately gets a huge amount of morons commenting whose clever statements include most if not all of the following "quitter, grifter, has-been, failed politician/reality star, irrelevant, faded looks, bad parent, and the oh so original and brilliant "Sarah who?"

However as regards the other gun toting Sarah the comments, which have run into their thousands not only praise McKinley enthusiastically but agree with Palin's support of her and her second amendment rights.

This shows that apart from the liberal media and Dem blogger's Palin proves, time and again, that when there is a fundamental societal aspect at stake her gut comments, based on her inherent core beliefs, are ones that resonate strongly with the people Obama categorized as the 'clingers to guns and religion."

We saw this recently where Palin, in discussion with Greta Van Susteren, said she would "bring the rope" to help "hang him high' if an alleged pederast was found guilty. Again, in spite of any qualms the liberal media might have about such sentiments the public expressed nothing but admiration for Palin's comments

The media, as exemplified by the Washington Post just doesn't get, which is not surprising them being in the core of the Beltway mind-set. In a post commenting on McKinley's brave actions but in reality focussed almost entirely on Palin's remarks "I'm all in favor of girls with guns who know their purpose" at this link,
 Washpost's Suzi Parker gives the bare bones of McKinley's saga and then goes on to be negative about Palin.

Parker's states "there's something frightening about  teenage girls running around packing heat". A statement so disingenuous it is hard to believe it got by the editor. How on earth does one equate McKinley's action of asking the authorities for permission and being in her home defending it with the ludicrous example of what Parker determines are hordes of gun toting green hair dyeing irresponsible teenagers.

Only  a biased leftist could come up with such a ridiculous comparison and she makes her analysis even more ludicrous by damning McKinley with faint praise by advising that "perhaps" McKinley is a very stable 18 year old. That McKinley, who just lost her husband to cancer, is  utterly stable is obvious to all except those who will not see.

Again, as with Palin's remark on the pederast case the comments on Parker's column are almost 100% in oppostion to Parker's theme and universally praise McKinley. the MSM continues to show how utterly out of touch they are with flyover America and the core values of the majority the population outside of the liberal area.

 Palin speaks for and to these mainstream which is why huge crowds turn out to hear and applaud her. Her time and the fulfilment of the majority of American's core values is yet to come but come it will.

You can read a positive review of Palin's comments AT THIS LINK

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